How often should a perio chart be done? (2023)

How long is the perio charting good for?

For most patients with a history of periodontal disease, a 3-month interval has been found to be effective in maintaining gingival health.

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Why is perio maintenance every 3 months?

Periodontal maintenance takes place within three months because that is the estimated time for the bacteria to reproduce and affect the teeth and gums. These bacteria will multiply so constant maintenance visits are necessary to prevent their growth.

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At what age do you perio chart?

It is common clinical practice, to begin periodontal charting of pocket depths in patients at 16 years old, although depending on patients individual conditions, periodontal charting can begin sooner. For this measure, we set 16 years old as a common age that periodontal charting would be recorded.

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When a periodontal charting is completed how many readings does one tooth get?

They may probe your gums to check the depths of your gum pockets. Usually six readings per tooth are recorded. This is called periodontal charting.

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Are 5 mm pockets reversible?

In most cases, the damage will not be completely reversible, but if you follow the treatment and prevention plan laid out by your dentist, you should be able to see significant improvement. Most people are able to reclaim a 4mm to 5mm pocket depth with proper treatment and ongoing periodontal maintenance.

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Is periodontal probing necessary?

The periodontal probe allows evaluation of disease severity, progress, and the result of therapeutic efforts. It is an essential instrument in periodontal disease prevention and maintenance.

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Is perio maintenance forever?

Perio maintenance is every three months for life – the life of the patient or life of the dentition. This is not an arbitrary interval. When a biofilm is forming, the early colonizing bacteria are not pathogenic; they cannot cause perio disease.

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Can a patient go from perio maintenance to prophy?

Meaning, if a perio maintenance patient has been periodontally stable for a few years, according to the ADA, they can be put back to prophy status if the dentist deems it appropriate.

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How often should you get a deep cleaning on your teeth?

Ideally, you only have to have a deep cleaning once your life. Once all the food and debris have been removed from your teeth and gums, you are starting with a clean slate. The key to the success of deep cleaning is good oral hygiene.

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How often should a perio chart be updated for periodontal patients?

The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) recommends annual charting. 24.

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Is there an Ada code for perio charting?

D0180 requires complete periodontal charting, which includes, but is not necessarily limted to: six-points-per-tooth pocket depths, recessions, furcations, mobilities, bleeding points, purulent discharge, minimal attachments, (i.e., amount of remaining attached gingiva) and a periodontal diagnosis.

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What is full periodontal charting?

Periodontal charting monitors your gum health by measuring the space between your teeth and the surrounding gum tissue. This information is vital because it can provide insights into the overall health of your teeth, gums, and jaws.

How often should a perio chart be done? (2023)
What is a 6 point perio charting?


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